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Our management approach to properties is to represent and to act on behalf of the Owner(s) in carrying out the maintenance and administration of the properties to ensure an orderly operation of the properties.

We specialize in both Commercial & Residential Property Management including HOA Management and service the entire San Diego County & Riverside County areas.

The following is a brief description of the services we provide our clients:

HOA Management (Click Here)

Qualifying Prospective Tenants: Our thorough screening process which includes inspecting credit reports (including history of unlawful detainer and/or prior evictions), rental history with current and previous landlord, employment history and income verification will assure you that we have selected the most qualified tenant for your property.

Preparing a Lease: We will prepare a lease agreement that will include all addendum and disclosures required by law in order to properly secure your tenant prior to occupancy.

Move In Inspection: A thorough and detailed inspection of your property immediately prior to occupancy will accurately document condition of your property prior to tenant taking possession.

Move Out Inspections: Once your tenant has vacated your property a detailed exit inspection will be performed. Condition of your property will be documented. Any damage by tenant will be noted and once again digital pictures will be taken. Initial inspection and pictures will be referenced in order to properly disburse your tenant’s security deposit.

Monthly Bookkeeping & Financial Statements

  • Rent will be collected on the first of each month.
  • 3 Day Notices will be served on a regular monthly basis for tenants that don't
    pay their rent.
  • We work with a dedicated attorney to handle all the eviction process.
  • All bills associated with your property will be paid when due during
    each month.
  • A computerized monthly statement describing all activity for each month will be
    sent to you along with any Moines owed after expenses.
  • Owner Draws can also be deposited directly into your bank account.
  • A Year End Statement will be prepared and sent at the end of each calendar
    year. This statement will categorize all income and expenses throughout the
    previous year.      

Maintenance and Repairs: During the years Property Deals has compiled an extremely talented and honest group of vendors who will quickly respond and efficiently perform any work required for the proper maintenance or repair of your property.

Semi-Annual Inspections: Twice per year we will conduct a thorough inspection of your property. This inspection will include changing or cleaning your furnace and A/C filter, checking all smoke detectors and documenting the condition of your property along with any maintenance issues.  

Property Inspection: We will inspect your property on as needed basis in order to note any potential safety hazards or potential future problems that may effect the integrity of your property (water heater improperly strapped, graffiti, leaks, etc.)

Market Analysis: We will conduct a comprehensive market analysis prior to marketing your property in order to obtain the maximum rental amount with the least amount of days vacant.

Marketing: Our extensive marketing procedures will include all of the following marketing procedures in order to procure the best-qualified tenant in the least amount of time:

  • Pictures of your property will be posted on our web site. 
  • Ads will be placed on various rental agencies and web sites.
  • Sign in front yard.
  • Rental Flyers.
  • Our staff are available evenings & weekends.

We provide you with reliable and prompt emergency contact

7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Phone: 858-774-9266 Fax: 866-504-6591

Broker License # 01735106

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