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Hard Money Loans

Property Deals is pleased to introduce Hard Money Loans services through an alliance we have established with trusted private-based lenders.

Hard Money loans are loans intended to be used for a short period time between the initial requirement for funds and a permanent, usually less costly, financial solution. The term hard money refers to money that is lent based on the value of real estate. Hard money loans carry higher costs and shorter terms than traditional bank mortgages and are used for specific business purposes. On the positive side, hard money loans collateralized by real estate are also characterized by their ability to be completed and funded in a very short period of time and with relatively little paperwork and preparation efforts.

Our alliance team will be available to all interested current and future investors. All lending decisions are made by us and are never referred to brokers or institutions. Our lending decisions are made instantly. We take any lending situation no matter how complicated and find a way to make the loan.
Our alliance team has been making and arranging commercial loans for years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it! In fact, we receive commercial loan inquiries from hundreds of brokers looking to us for funding.
We use common sense (not mounds of paperwork) in making our loan decisions. If there’s sufficient equity, we can usually make the loan.

Complicated situations are our specialty. Experience counts!

We pay referral fees to licensed lenders and real estate brokers.

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